My interior design business grew and our office/design studio bore the brunt of it! Without time for hand-holding, we needed someone to come in and, not only reorganize the spaces, but reconfigure things in a way that could be maintained, realistically, going forward. Our office now runs efficiently – everyone knows where everything is and, because so, we don’t find ourselves in a pinch, missing this or that. Our Sample Room is so glorious and meticulously organized, we actually meet with clients in it! We have designed and furnished some of the world’s most beautiful homes, across Europe, the Bahamas, and New York and we are now referring these services out to our clients who have similar needs – and they have expressed gratitude for the referral. My twins are certainly grateful for the extra bandwidth I have when I come home!
In a way, I feel like this service saved me. I didn’t have the bandwidth to work and take care of my kids and do an office overhaul. I also had some outstanding personal projects I’d been putting off for way too long. Once the physical space was in order, Katheryn planned the attack for my projects. By the end, I was trying to convince her to become a life coach!



As a managing litigation attorney, the last thing I want to be doing in my free time is work. ​ That being said, my closet seemed to be creating more work for me than I could handle. Getting it reorganized so that I could see and access everything made all the difference in my day-to-day (I’m sure this was no easy feat). ​ If you value your time, I guarantee this service is well worth your while.
The thing about hiring an organizer is that it switches your mindset and gives you a
fresh perspective. I happen to be very organized and neat but was quite overwhelmed after selling a home and moving to another. I needed support and I felt that in this process. ​ Not only was my home transformed into the best it could be, but I was emotionally supported as well. I realized that I had become stagnant with my things and the way they were, but now I’d gained new insight on how to improve which opened a new world in my living space. ​ Katheryn is personable and so easy and fun to work with. She motivated me to spend time in the following weeks dialing in all her suggestions. I loved every minute of our time together and she made my space truly a home. I recommend her to anyone that reads this!!



Life in New York City is hard enough, but when you work at a stressful law firm and have a teenage son who drives you up the wall, it can be utterly overwhelming. ​ I needed our home to be a place of calm more than anything. This meant that my son’s room needed a complete overhaul and he needed to learn how to keep it from looking like a disaster zone. ​ In just one session it was done and he’s pretty much kept it in order since. Mostly I’m just glad his things don’t spill out into the rest of the place, which also had some light organizational touches. It feels amazing to come home to now! I highly recommend this service to every single New Yorker.
We were lucky enough to find and be able to afford our dream beach house before our kids went off to school. However, I knew this meant our beautiful kitchen would be constantly subject to the ravenous appetites of our two teenage, soccer-playing sons.  I wanted it to be set up right from the beginning so that I could see what was needed from the store at a glance, meal-prep properly and cook with some sanity, which was not the case in our prior home.  The system has survived and with one high school senior left in the house, I’m still grateful for everything I learned in that organizing process. It has no doubt helped keep the grays away! – Maren



As a growing small business, our office is constantly shuffling around and bringing in new people. We are always in a rush to keep the momentum going and never able to give our work space the organizing time we should to keep things running as efficiently as possible. Having Life Reorganized in our headquarters and seeing what fresh, spatially knowledgeable eyes and talent can do has been a productivity game-changer! ​ With the office and warehouse professionally reorganized, we are more efficient as a whole. Most impressive is that a once underutilized, disastrous storage space has been transformed into an area with several functions: a design area, photography studio, sales meeting space, shipping station, break area and even bike storage! The transformation has been phenomenal and beneficial to every single member of our team.
Our family of eight waited so long to move into our new home (which had undergone an extensive remodel) that by the time everything was delivered, setting a whole new system up for our lives seemed impossible on my own. ​ I’m naturally a very organized person but with six kids, there has to be a method behind the madness. ​ Katheryn directed her team on how and why things should be put away in a certain manner. Along the way, she explained everything to me, our lovely staff and even my kids, making sure everyone understood the organizational logic. I know for a fact this is why the home has managed to stay tidy (for the most part), and thank goodness for that.



Katheryn was referred to me by a woman I met in a social group. ​ I had some pretty big life changes that required a lot comprehensive data gathering, organizing and calculating pertaining to my financial affairs – important information that had to be perfect! ​ I was worried, totally overwhelmed and, honestly, I just didn’t want to deal with the details behind all the balls in the air. ​ Katheryn was just what I didn’t even know I needed! Her calm demeanor instantly made getting started easier and she explained everything along the way, which really put my mind at ease. I don’t know what I would have done without her.
Now I get it. They say “when one part of your life is a mess, it’s likely that several other parts aren’t functioning efficiently or effectively,” and they are right! ​ I initially needed help because my work had taken over my apartment. Turns out, it was because my
fashion studio wasn’t set up in a way that made me most productive. In just two sessions, the team was able to completely reorganize my home, and with three sessions at my studio, my entire life has been reorganized! I learned so much in the process and now I know how to keep things organized myself. ​It’s been well over a year and I’m still adhering to the system! I’m much more productive and way less stressed.



We had just gotten married and suddenly our guest room was full of boxes. Plus, the whole apartment had piles everywhere, our new puppy’s toys had taken over the living room and our closets just weren’t working. ​ Somehow in just two sessions, the entire apartment was reorganized – top to bottom – the kitchen, the laundry room, every closet in our home!! We even have designated places now for the things we could never find before, like electronics and important documents. Amazing!!